Our Story

Proudly serving residents of Montgomery and Howard Counties of Maryland, Music Together With Miri is a licensed Music Together® Center. Founded in 2011, Music Together With Miri is committed to helping families rediscover the pleasure and educational value of informal music experiences.  We recognize that all children are musical and that every child needs a stimulating, supportive music environment to achieve basic competence in the wonderful human capacity for music-making!

Our focus is to bring The Joy of Family Music® making to all families with children from birth through age five and the adults who love them.

Miri the founder of "Music Together With Miri", started her career as a Music Therapist. Miri has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Musicology and Master’s degree in Music Therapy. She has worked as a music therapist for over 15 years in hospitals, schools, therapy centers and in her private practice, trained and supervised Music Therapy students, coordinated a music therapy program for infants with special needs in a special education nursery, and supervised music therapists who carried out this program.

When Miri was introduced to the Music Together program for the first time, she immediately fell in love with it. Being a musician, therapist and a teacher for a long time, she was thrilled by the content, by the curriculum, by the research behind it and of course by the wonderful music. Miri found the Music Together program to be a new, very attractive and inspiring way for her to teach children and to work with their families through music. This is how the "Music Together With Miri" was born. 

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